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Same-day Delivery

Optimize delivery effectiveness: Saving cost, saving time

Door2Door Service

Pick-up and delivery immediately, don't need to carry on operation center

CoD service

Collect money for invoice, ticket, airplane, coupon, high value orders with MPOs.

Weship help you change your business better

Optimize operation

Optimize delivery efficiency, define postman who receive task is the most the suitable on right time

Manage accurate, easy

Know where your postmen, what they are doing clearly, customer history to support and notify customer easily of order status.

Increase customer experience

Avoid delivery errors, receive task  in real time, reduce pick-up times.

Active customers
Team members

What makes us special?

Over 15 years experience on E-commerce, we provide the unique platform liked Uber which can connect postmen with online seller immediately, easily, conveniently!

Smart Routing
KPI management
Auto task

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